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Hand Held Metal Detector LBD-HD013

Hand Held Metal Detector LBD-HD013

1, Alarm: video LED & audio/ video LED & vibration

2, Power Supply: 1*9V battery

3, Working Current: <50 mA

4, Working Frequency: 22 Khz

5, Working Voltage: DC 7V~12V

6, Reset Time: 0.5 seconds automatically

7, N.W.: 0.34kg

8, Dimension: 345(L)*69(W)*25(H) mm

9, Operating Temperature: -5℃to +55℃

10, Battery: charger, rechargeable battery can be configured

11, Waterproof IP31

Selling Point

Compact size , Portable;

High sensitivity, able to detect object as small as a stamp;

Visualize metal detection indicator;

Rechargeable battery and charger;

Extra-long working hours with single charge (Up to 40 working hours);

Controllable sound and vibration effect;

Low sensitivity mode, filter out all the small and tiny object;

Low battery voltage(7V) come with same detection range.


Civil Aviation, Customs, Railway, Highway, Metro, Logistics, Judiciary, School, Big Events, Companies, Hotels, Factories, Churches and other security areas. Various smart items are listed on schedule, such as smart community, smart construction sites,identity authentication, governments, military units, anti-drugs,anti-dangerous etc.


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Warm Prompt :
1. Please turn off the power after using it; Take out the battery if you won’t use it for a long time.
2. The charger voltage are AC 9V, DC 10V. Please use the full power source, or may cause the detector can’t work