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Police equipment of Criminal action restrictor LBD-AR001

Police equipment of Criminal action restrictor

Wear the restrictor on the criminal’s arm or leg,if he wants to attack, escape or do anything out of line,the Policeman can press down the button on remote controller,then the criminal will lose action and attack ability immediately.


Material:goat skin and polyester fiber.

Thickness of leather:7mm

The minimum perimeter:26.5mm±3mm

The maximum perimeter:37mm±3mm

Weight:152g±5g(not including remote controller)

Contact Area:80 square centimeter

Battery capacity:600mAh

Charge time: 4 hours

Stand-by time:24 hours

Continuous working time:2 hours

Operating temperature: -10/+50℃

Storage temperature:-10/+50℃

The lock is a snap type.

There is Velcro to adjust the size of band and make sure tightly wear.

Electrode block contact area,is no less than 24 square centimeter.

There is indicator light inside the control module to indicate on/off.

2 electrode blocks at the skin contact.

The control module at the surface of restrictor,fixed by two line process.

Dimension of control module:75*45*15mm

Output low voltage pulse current, does no harm to human body, and no damage or inflamed to skin after shocking.

The remote control range is 300m at open area.

There are totally 3 controllers for 3 officers to control 1 criminal.

There are two cryptography locks.