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Police Tactical Gloves LBD-PG005

Police Tactical Gloves LBD-PG005

Color: Black

Material: 95% goat skin + 5% kevlar

Thickness of leather: 0.3cm

Lining material: 100% polyester fiber



Palm size:410mm±0.3cm

The carbon fiber protective shell is at the knuckle position(19 positions) of the back of the hand, it can defend common attack, and attack as hard fist

There is Velcro at the wrist to adjust the size of glove and make sure tightly wear.

There is metal snap ring at side of each glove, so the right and left glove can locked together after use.

4 electrode blocks at the palm

The era of electrode block at the palm, is no less than 40 square centimeter

The switch is located at the back side, close to wrist, long press switch to power on and off

The size of switch is ≦ 25mm(diameter)

There is indicator light inside the switch to indicate on/off

The control module at the back of glove, fixed by two line process

Dimension of control module: 75*45*15mm

DC input: 4.2V/500mA

Battery capacity:600mAh

Charge time: 6 hours

Stand-by time:8 hours

Continuous working time:≥2 hours

Output low voltage pulse current, does no harm to human body, and no damage or inflamed to skin after shocking.

When the electric function is started, and catch victim’s wrist,victim will be subdued within 5 seconds.

Storage temperature: -20/+55℃, operating temperature: -10/+50℃

Wearing the E-glove, shaking hands or catching the wrist of suspect to make him lose defiance&attach ability in 2-3 seconds. Then the police man could arrest suspect easily and without any harm(must touch suspect’s skin). This glove was designed to be equipped with high-speed pulse, so it can make suspect physical spasm, but not really be shocked by electric. When the electric slice on the glove touch human’s body, the high-speed pulse creates strike to the fiber texture under the skin by very high speed(300 strikes/minute), in this condition, muscles will get strong reaction like shrink and spasm, and the man’s brain will be blank to lose the ability of commanding the other parts of his body to act. The design of carbon fiber attack shell , that are at joint positions, giving the glove ability to defense the attack or hit from wood and iron sticks, in order to protect the law enforcement officers.

Application field: armed police, SWAT, drug police, plainclothes officer, air police and all kinds of arresting action like anti-terrorist.


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