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X-ray machine radiation for security inspection

Even if a person is actually put into the security X-ray machine used by Shanghai Metro, it takes about 100 scans to reach the radiation dose received by a chest X-ray — not to mention that it is impossible at all.

So does the security X-ray machine have any effect on the scanned items? As the radiation of the X-ray machine for baggage security inspection is very small, the impact on the scanned items themselves can be neglected. But there is a special object – film, which is sensitive to X-ray radiation.

Kodak gave the suggestion that “it is better not to carry out X-ray security inspection for films above ISO400”.

However, because the influence of X-ray on film is accumulative, it is necessary to avoid multiple X-ray security checks for films with high sensitivity. It should be pointed out that X-ray has no effect on digital cameras and can be safely checked.

The internal radiation of the security X-ray machine used in airport subway is not “very strong”, and the dose is far less than that of the security X-ray machine used in medical diagnosis, while the radiation around the machine is very weak, even full-time operators can work safely without protection. Although it is true that putting your hand in the shield bar and carrying a bag will increase the amount of radiation received to a certain extent and should be avoided as far as possible, it is not a “very dangerous” thing.