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Use of Security Inspection Machine

Security machines are widely used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, government buildings, embassies, conference centers, Convention and Exhibition centers, hotels, shopping malls, large-scale activities, post offices, schools, logistics industry, industrial testing and other places.


Operation method of security inspection machine:

Only properly trained personnel are required to install and use the security inspection machine.

Radiation safety rules must be strictly observed at all times to avoid radiation damage.

1. Only properly trained personnel can install and use security inspection machines.

2. Only technicians can remove the cover or protective parts during maintenance.

3. Do not use X-ray safety inspection equipment outdoors.

4. The security inspection machine must work under the specified working voltage. Equipment use

The voltage used must be checked before.

5. The security inspection machine must have good grounding. Installation of equipment for field use

The seat must have a grounding terminal.

6. If the voltage fluctuation exceeds the prescribed area, it is recommended to use AC regulator.

7. Do not connect any electronic components that do not belong to X-ray safety inspection equipment to X-ray ampere.

Full check on the power distributor of the equipment.

8. Any improper modification may damage X-ray safety inspection equipment. Prohibit user pairs

Improper modification of equipment.

9. Safety machines can only be used for checking objects. It is strictly forbidden to use them for checking human beings or animals.

10. Do not turn on equipment that has not been used for more than 6 months. It must be fired by professionals.

The wire generator is restarted.

11. Do not sit or stand on the conveyor belt.

12. Do not touch the edge of the conveyor belt and the drum.

13. When the device is running, no part of the body should enter the inspection channel.

14. Make sure that the luggage is not stacked in the inspection channel or at the exit if the luggage is blocked.

Check the passage and shut down before cleaning.

15. The equipment should not be operated with damaged lead curtains.

16. Prevent all kinds of liquids from flowing into the equipment. If this happens, please shut down immediately.