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SHENZHEN LEBIDA TECHNOLOY LIMITED founded in 2017, is an advanced Security Inspection solution and service company in China. Providing latestand innovative technology,superb products and integrated solutions in the security inspection industry to global customers. Products use ranges from Civil Aviation, Customs, Railway, Highway, Metro, Logistics, Judiciary, Big Events, Companies, Hotels, Factories, Churches and other security areas. Various smart items are listed on schedule, such as smart community, smart construction sites,identity authentication, governments, military units, anti-drugs,anti-dangerous etc.

LEBIDA aims to ensure clients keeping the homeland and personal security. In order to maintain highest and up-to-date technology, all our R&D members are highly educated and graduated from well-known universities both in China and abroad,from postgraduate to postdoctoral。The company invests heavily in the R&D department every year and maintains close cooperation with university professors. Security product lines are including cargo/vehicle inspection, baggage inspection, human body inspection systems, explosives and narcotics detectors, and systematic solutions。Most of our products are Won patents and Prizes。

As a responsible high-tech enterprise,LEBIDA focus on the security domain and devotes itself to becoming one of the biggest company in the global security market. Enhancing the customers’ value with the ever ongoing innovation, feeding back the society by creating more advanced security and solutions, we are committed to creating a safer nation, as well as a safer world!

After Sales Service

As part of high quality services, LEBIDA does not only offers systematic engineering and maintenance service of our global customers, gives prompt reply,but also provides bilingual training to our established clients。 We warmly care about our customers, has built a mature and high efficiency system of after-sales-service, and all our products reserve a 2 years free after sales service 。

LEBIDA products standards

International Standard IEC62523

Radiation Container inspecstion system, National standard GB19211-2003。

Radioactive materials and particular materials monitor system, national standard GB/T 24246-2009。

General technical requirement of trace drugs/explosives detection based on ion migration technology, industry standard GA/T 841-2009 General regulation for X-ray body inspection for drugs, industry standard

European Civil Aviation Conference(ECAC)


Civil Aviation Administration of China:CAAC certification

Chinese Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China: Police Prodcut Certification

European Union:CE certification

Civil Aviation Administration of EU: ECAC Certification

Canada:CSA(C/US) Certification

Russia:GOST Certification

Spain:CIEMAT Certification

Saudi Arabia: SASO certification

LEBIDA Products Range

▶X-ray baggage scanners    ▶Walk-Through gate metal detector    

▶Hand-held metal detector

▶Explosion-proof tank        ▶Under vehicle inspection system    

 ▶Dangerous Liquid scanner

▶Rising Bollards/ Road Blocker   ▶Turnstiles security and access control

▶Fingerprint Time attendance recorder and Access                 

▶Police Equipment

▶Explosive and Drug Detector           ▶Millimeter wave security scanner  

▶CT liquid inspection                    ▶Terahertz security body scanner